Hiya! Hope you are all doing good.

Okay so one super good news is that I got an internship offer from EY !!! Alhamdullilah, can't believe it myself actually, and the fact that I will be doing the internship at EY is far than what I expected. After being rejected by PwC, to be honest, my confidence level has dropped really badly, I don't know why but maybe because I have put so so so much effort while applying for PwC and that was the first internship that I applied so that's why I think it hurts so much. But yeah, everything happens for a reason isn't? And now, I already see the hikmah behind the 'rejection' I got from PwC haha. Alhamdullilah. 

I know, things will get harder ahead, but I will do my best! One thing for sure, just keep trying even though it is tough and hard okay? I have applied for more than 10 companies, and none of them reply to my application. It is a stressful matter tbh. But what I did was, just keep applying and following up with the companies so they know how much you wanted that positions. In the end, all the hard work paid off! 

Stay positive okay ! xx


It has been quite sometimes since the last post. And as usual, always crawling back here when something stuck in my mind but I just don't know how to tell people about that. Final is coming in two weeks. And obviously, as always, I'm way too far than being ready. You know every semester I keep telling myself, change sya, change. But hell no, the lazy me is still here.

Okay so lets talk about what's on my mind now.

First thing first, I miss mom. A lot. But nothing can be done with this problem, just have to wait until 8th June! I'm coming home Ma <3 Next is the internship thingy. This thing has messed up my mind for sooooooo long. I mean, I have started searching, making CV and what not since February if I'm not mistaken. and now its already April, no just a few more days to May. and I still haven't heard anything from any company. People keep telling I have to do the internship while some say it is okay not to intern. I am not even sure what I want right now. It is just that I want to spend time my summer break with mom, but at the same time internship is also important hmm future? Don't want to even start with that. Everything is so vague. One thing for sure, I just hate competition and high expectation. I don't want to be compared with others. Hate it so much. Can we just go with our own pace?

Almost nine years I am away from home and mom. I had enough. Gonna finish this degree (in shaa Allah successfully) and I just want to live with mom, pretty please :') Okay, I think that's all for this post. Continue with your revision please blegh! Anyway it is good to know someone is blogging again, welcome back love hehe <3 Take care all xo

Snowy Day

It's the most beautiful time of year !
Olla all. Alhamdullilah it was snowing just now ! I'm super glad mann. Have been waiting for this since the start of this week because (as far as I know) Sheffield Essex and Birmingham already snowwyyy So jealous, but not anymore hehe And I'm even more happy and thankful as it was snowing during daytime hee Thank you Allah <3 

Time flies so fast. It is already December 9. It just feels like only yesterday I celebrated my birthday. Always had this kind of mixed feeling of wanting to finish all these studies and living in here and just go back to Malaysia and stay with mom real fast but at the same time, I just hate the feeling of ending the 'UK life'. Because I believe, there is no way I'm able to come back here once I graduate later. Unless I become super rich hahaha which is not the case I think ? Gonna miss living in here. Let's treasure our everyday life and end it with no regret in shaa Allah. 

Anyway, the finals for semester one will start in a month. I'm freaking scared I swearrr. Got no confidence AT ALL for this final. Maybe I'm not that serious in studying I don't know T.T But nonetheless, gonna do my best no matter what because finally .... I have a mission to achieve !! In shaa Allah I'm planning to proceed with ACCA cert after getting the degree. Hmm I know it's not an easy task but let's just do our best and go with the flow! May Allah ease everything Amin. Ciou , S xo

strangers with memories

It's that time of the year that I always waiting for. The day when I finally have 'reason' to talk to you. I miss you, I always do. If and only if I can say that. But let it just stay in my mind. It has been years but the regret remains there. Really hate it when I can't hate you hmm. That's it for now, till then.

Ramadhan 2017

So a week of blessed Ramadhan has passed. Done four paper, one more to go. Just a week away for home but it just feels so long to wait for the next Sunday. Problems after problems came.

Seriously I just want to get out from here. I wanna go home. I just wanna feel safe, safe like always. Since the Manchester Arena incident, Manchester turned to somewhere I don't feel like home. It became a place where helicopter & police sirens have become normal that I can't even recall how many times I heard in a day. So many people affected by this event and not to forget to the people who has lost their beloved ones. How can people be so mean? My heart always feels unease. The impacts are huge and affect every each of us. Stay strong Mancunians and may Allah protects us forever and always In shaa Allah.

8 days to go and I'm so done with all of this. Really hope that I can pass all the papers and do not have to resit any paper. In shaa Allah. I realised that I did not give my all for this exam (since when I did anyway ?) but just hoping for the best. Hmm. Last paper syndrome is haunting me right now. And to be honest, I never do the 'counting down to home' as serious as right now. It's not homesick, just that I don't want to stay here any longer.

19++ hours of fasting is not that bad actually. I mean, it is bearable especially in this special month of Ramadhan. Even though the hunger started quite early haha around 3 pm every day but I manage to bear with it. It was good though to have only around 4-5 hours to eat anything I want and fasting for the rest of the day. All thanks to The Almighty Allah <3 Alhamdullilah.

So yeah that's it for now. Stay safe & Salam Ramadhan xx


I'm not asking much, just the reason.

Counting days

Relatable I guess?

Got annoyed super fast nowadays. Idk why duh. Keep saying 'don't care about it' but will always overthink in the end.

Home in few weeks YEAYYYYYY can't wait ! 32 days to be exact. But exam comes first lulz. Not ready (as always) and still haven't finish the revision. I'M DEAD.To get 60% average marks obviously not an easy job though. 

Anyway, applied for the committee position for M.I.D but got rejected, too bad :( Gonna try harder in the future, there's always hikmah behind everything right ? Need to improve myself in every way ; confidence, interview skills and CV ! OMG ! only now I knew writing CV is hard meh. It was hard mainly because I got no achievement to show off haha. So Aisya, let's do this ! Dear self, please be more rajin okay ? 

Ramadhan is comingggg . 19 hours plus of fasting is no joke ! But I know Allah will always protect His hamba especially during the fasting month. May Allah bless this very-weak-kind-of-people haha.

Should back to revision now. Till then xx, S.


Peace be upon you!
It was the last day of February when I could finallyyyyyy experience the REAL snow. Alhamdullilah :) It was so nice and fun , even I had to go to the 10 q.m class that day haha. 

Apart from that, I am super grateful that my first-semester exam results were okay. Not that good and not so bad, it was just so-so. Gonna work harder for this upcoming final exams. Still keeping up with all the essayS (need to bold that 'S' out, though) and tutorials. March gonna be harder than ever. Three essays ??? Are you kidding me ?! But that doesn't stop me from enjoying my life (through Kdramas etc). It's me after all, what do you expect? HAHA. 

Anyway, already bought the summer break flight ticket ! YEAYYYY. Can't wait seriously :D Around 3 months I guess? Hope everything will be just fine until then, In shaa Allah. That's it for now. Take care peeps xx


Grateful. It's easy to say than to really feel or understand what is the true meaning of that magical word. Somehow I always feel that I never had enough. I mean everyone does feel the same like I do right ? We keep on saying like 'if and only if blablabla'. Somehow, I think that IFF word is turning us into a greedy kind of person. It's still fresh on my mind that once, I said if and only if I get straight A plus on my SPM examination. But I was (literally) shocked on the result day because I didn't even aim for a straight A's results meh. Haha. It just happened that I wanted more even after getting an unexpected result and it was more than enough really. What I'm trying to say is that, everything happens for a reason. Allah has planned every single thing perfectly fine for our life. Just imagine if I got straight A plus before, then my life now would be so different, not even close to where I am right now. Maybe I got the bursary, enrolled in Taylor's college (I don't know where else the bursary scholars went other than this college), got new friends there, and the saddest part I may not able to fly as the bursary is not being offered anymore :(( And just imagined that I will never get to know those Intec people is really terrifying. Where else I can find Jemahs ?? NO other place! I thank Allah for giving such a great best friends <3 So when I rethink about it all over again, our life journey has been planned beautifully by our Creator and it is just us who are always not being grateful. This is only one of zillions things that I did not appreciate and be grateful for it. Just pray that when our life hits the bottom, we can still be grateful as much as when we are at the top because that is the hardest part. May Allah ease xo

No it's not okay.

When we grew up, only then we realised how much we take things for granted. Only then we regret the chances we didn't take. I just hate getting flashbacks from things I don't want to remember. It hurts.

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