Counting days

Relatable I guess?

Got annoyed super fast nowadays. Idk why duh. Keep saying 'don't care about it' but will always overthink in the end.

Home in few weeks YEAYYYYYY can't wait ! 32 days to be exact. But exam comes first lulz. Not ready (as always) and still haven't finish the revision. I'M DEAD.To get 60% average marks obviously not an easy job though. 

Anyway, applied for the committee position for M.I.D but got rejected, too bad :( Gonna try harder in the future, there's always hikmah behind everything right ? Need to improve myself in every way ; confidence, interview skills and CV ! OMG ! only now I knew writing CV is hard meh. It was hard mainly because I got no achievement to show off haha. So Aisya, let's do this ! Dear self, please be more rajin okay ? 

Ramadhan is comingggg . 19 hours plus of fasting is no joke ! But I know Allah will always protect His hamba especially during the fasting month. May Allah bless this very-weak-kind-of-people haha.

Should back to revision now. Till then xx, S.

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