Grateful. It's easy to say than to really feel or understand what is the true meaning of that magical word. Somehow I always feel that I never had enough. I mean everyone does feel the same like I do right ? We keep on saying like 'if and only if blablabla'. Somehow, I think that IFF word is turning us into a greedy kind of person. It's still fresh on my mind that once, I said if and only if I get straight A plus on my SPM examination. But I was (literally) shocked on the result day because I didn't even aim for a straight A's results meh. Haha. It just happened that I wanted more even after getting an unexpected result and it was more than enough really. What I'm trying to say is that, everything happens for a reason. Allah has planned every single thing perfectly fine for our life. Just imagine if I got straight A plus before, then my life now would be so different, not even close to where I am right now. Maybe I got the bursary, enrolled in Taylor's college (I don't know where else the bursary scholars went other than this college), got new friends there, and the saddest part I may not able to fly as the bursary is not being offered anymore :(( And just imagined that I will never get to know those Intec people is really terrifying. Where else I can find Jemahs ?? NO other place! I thank Allah for giving such a great best friends <3 So when I rethink about it all over again, our life journey has been planned beautifully by our Creator and it is just us who are always not being grateful. This is only one of zillions things that I did not appreciate and be grateful for it. Just pray that when our life hits the bottom, we can still be grateful as much as when we are at the top because that is the hardest part. May Allah ease xo

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