Peace be upon you!
It was the last day of February when I could finallyyyyyy experience the REAL snow. Alhamdullilah :) It was so nice and fun , even I had to go to the 10 q.m class that day haha. 

Apart from that, I am super grateful that my first-semester exam results were okay. Not that good and not so bad, it was just so-so. Gonna work harder for this upcoming final exams. Still keeping up with all the essayS (need to bold that 'S' out, though) and tutorials. March gonna be harder than ever. Three essays ??? Are you kidding me ?! But that doesn't stop me from enjoying my life (through Kdramas etc). It's me after all, what do you expect? HAHA. 

Anyway, already bought the summer break flight ticket ! YEAYYYY. Can't wait seriously :D Around 3 months I guess? Hope everything will be just fine until then, In shaa Allah. That's it for now. Take care peeps xx

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