Thinking out loud

One month already. Time flies so fast duhh. Hmm study hmm not so good not so bad. But im not satisfied with my very first accounting quiz. Not sure is it i am the only one who felt that it was quite hard especially for a quiz ! Not even test or exam kot aigoo . Getting better with the new surrounding , much better with my babes in the same class ^.^ 

Just thinking about the AS exam make me wanna cry :'(( And all the test and final examinations that I have to go through before the Trial and the real exam. Ya Allah please ease my way. In shaa Allah.

2016 , United Kingdom . Look like it was easy before I entered Intec. Buttt the reality is totally different. Knowing that friends from korean program are going to fly less in a month time makes me happy sad and cuak at the same time. They just finished their last paper today. And I heard in shaa Allah everyone managed to fly to korea. And me here in Alevel urghhh nothing duhh . We are not even sure about our future . I mean anyone can ditendang by intec ohyemgeeee seriously cant imagine bout it :(( 

Should stop overthinking. Live well guys ! Assalamualaikum xx

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