It's been ageeeeees since the last time I posted here ! So glad that I decided to start blogging again. I don't know why but I just felt that way. Maybe because I just missed how I spend my high school and college years telling the story of my boring life in here. Knowing that no one will read it except me myself and I are the greatest feeling ever ! No one to judge, no one to care but just letting go everything I feel and keep all this while. Gituu.

And yeah , here I am in my dream country since forever ...... UK ! Alhamdullilah it was a lifelong dream came true. Can't be grateful enough for the fact that I am here in UK. Alhamdullilah , thank you Allah. Arrived here was like 4 months ago and now already 2017. Gosh how time flies. Obviously there are a lot of people left, but not to forget for those who stay. You guys are da bomb !!

Got a lot of things going on my mind right now (literally) and one of it is that HOW DID I SURVIVED UNTIL NOW ?? Mysterious question ever. From the start ( I mean during SPM examination), I just felt it was so hard like super duper hard. Can you imagine like how did I studied NINE subjects at the same time ? Not to forget all those positions I hold and a lot of extra activities/sports/events I involved at that time. And still I managed to do my best. Then there was what we called 'college' life (lah sangat). A-level mehh. No jokes. It was double triple hard. And the funniest thing was that, the common sayings I heard was;

"Lek, degree life would be much better (which I assumed better in terms of easier in studying and all) than Alevel) " 
"You survive Alevel, for sure you'll survive Degree" 
"Don't worry lah, JPA will not tendang punya ( confirm lepas as in 'lulus' I guess? )

And here I am, struglling so hard. DEGREE IS HARD WEHH. Oh forgot to tell that I am preparing for my very first Final Exam now and yet what am I doing right now ? This shows the level of stress I'm on right now blegh. Can't wait to finish this hell exam month and watch all the dramas weeee. Never knew it was this hard to be away from your best friends and family ofc. So yeah, keep moving on Aisya ! You can do this Fighting In shaa Allah <3 Assalamualaikum peeps xo

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